Caption Competition: When Marty met Betty

To commemorate the historic meeting between Queen Elizabeth II and Martin McGuinness I’m running a caption competition with a special prize for the winner.

I’ll kick things off with my own contribution – and before you ask – I’m not eligible to win – but even if I was it’s unlikely I would win it!

QUEEN:  I remember you when you used to sing with that nice Paul Simon.

MMcG:  I’ve built a few bridges over troubled waters since then.  Just ask Mrs Robinson!

QUEEN:  Yes I’m sure one’s day will come. (Moves swiftly on to have a more in-depth conversation with Michael D.)



  1. Martin: (Aside: She’s got a hat! Why haven’t I got a hat?) I cannot shake hands until I receive parity of esteem in headgear. No shakey handy until there’s a pink hat on my head too.

  2. Martin: The blood-soaked jack-booted imperialist oppressor of the people, I believe.
    Queen: The jumped-up bomb-chucking assassin of one’s subjects, I presume?
    Martin: Aye sure how’re you doin’? Cup of tea?
    Queen: Cor blimey yes. One is gasping.

    With apologies to David Low.

    (I hope someone comes along to raise the standard. I’m not feeling inspired at all.)

  3. And the winner is blackwatertown with:
    Queen: Air hair lair. And what do you do?
    Martin: Ah, well… That’s an interesting one

  4. I’m doing this in the spirit of peace and reconciliation. But Mr McGuinness if you take one step out of line just remember what happened to Diana……

  5. For the benefit of Alicia St Clair (whoever she is) the picture is now posted and the compettition closing date has been extended to midnight tonight (28/06/12).

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