Silvio Berlusconi

Silver-tongued Silvio and the Patrizia-gate scandal

Will Patrizia-gate bring down silver-tongued Silvio?

Will Patrizia-gate bring down silver-tongued Silvio?

Political leaders and scandals of a sexual nature don’t tend to make good bedfellows – no pun intended.  Italian PM , Silvio Berlusconi, no stranger to controversy seems to have taken a leaf out of Bill Clinton’s book with his secretly tape-recorded dalliances with glamour model Patrizia D’Addario. 

On the other hand, similar liaisons have boosted the reputation of the protagonist.  When news of the affair between the then England soccer boss Sven Goran Eriksson and fellow Swede Ulrike Jonsson came to light, Sven once regarded as a dull, emotionless tactician suddenly became a sexy nordic lothario, a jack-the-lad lauded by the tabloid press for tasting forbidden fruit in the garden of Sweden.

Berlusconi’s position as PM is suspect in its own right.  What other country would elect a loud-mouthed, outspoken and disreputable businessman as its leader?  Imagine if Ryanair director Michael O’Leary became Taoiseach.  Perish the thought – although such an idea is not as far-fetched as it may seem when you look at the career of a certain deceased CJ Haughey.

The question is will Patrizia-gate bring Berlusconi’s tenure down?  Or can he keep it up?  I think only Patrizia can answer that question.