The cat and the computer


Paris Hilton Free Video?

While checking my e-mail I came across a new message in my inbox that appeared to be from my own e-mail address, yet I had no recollection of sending it to myself.  In the subject box it said “Paris Hilton Free Video”.  Free virus more like, I thought.  Although I have no personal animosity to the said hotel heiress, I have absolutely no interest in her – in much the same way as she, presumably has no interest in reading The Dreaming Arm.  So I assumed that the e-mail was some kind of virus and promptly deleted it.  Now I’ll never know what was in it.  More’s the pity.  Not.


Rubber balls and flipcharts

I’ve expressed my contempt on this site before for the shameless bullshit that permeates the world of business and employment.  A few weeks ago I was sent on a training course from work.  The only useful part of the course was the presentation that all participants had to give at the end.  The rest of it consisted of meaningless wanky exercises like getting into a circle and throwing rubber balls around or drawing fucking stupid diagrams with arrows and circles on flipcharts, using nonsensical business jargon like “knowledge management” and performance indicators.  A waste of good paper and good rubber, but easy money for the type of people who run these courses.


I’ve also made clear my dislike of Ryan(don’t c)air chief bullshitter Michael O’ Leary.  However one thing he said which I wholeheartedly agree with was his statement that business books are books written by wankers for wankers.  Although in O’Leary’s case this was surely a case of kettles and pots or stones in glass houses.