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Orangemen surrender on 11th night

A goal of Iniesta-mable value

Not the greatest ever World Cup, but at least there’s a new name on the trophy.   The irony is that the only team who remained unbeaten throughout the tournament were New Zealand.

Those who thought the quality of the games played was well below the expected standards may well think FIFA stands for “Football Is Fucking Awful”.

Any regular readers who have been bored by the amount of World Cup stories in this blog of late can now take consolation from the fact there probably won’t be any more for another 4 years.  Now it’s time to concentrate on something else. 
Apparently there’s some kind of bike race on in France at the moment…
One things for sure is that one group of Orangemen won’t be celebrating on the 12th of July!  (And it isn’t Armagh).

The octopus gets it right again - if you put money on Spain your squid's in


An unsuccessful phishing expedition

I received the following e-mail, despite never having had an account at this bank:


Dear LloydsTSB Online Account Holder During our usual security enhancement protocol, we observed multiple login attempt error while login in to your online LloydTSB account.

We have believed that someone other than you is trying to access your account For security reasons,we have temporarily suspend your account and your access to online banking and will be restricted if you fail to update.

Please click on the reference below to initiate the verification process and re-confirm your membership details.

Thank You.

LloydsTSB Online

They haven’t cod me out, but I suppose there’s plenty more gullible phish in the sea, who will swallow this hook, line and sinker.  When they find out they’ve been had they’ll be gutted.  Not a very interesting blog post, but I did it just for the halibut.