Polar Opposites?

I’ve noticed a complete lack of resemblance between Channel 4 news anchorman Jon Snow and the late actor John Thaw famous for his portrayal of maverick Flying Squad detective Inspector Jack “Shut it!  We’re the Sweeney and we haven’t had any dinner!” Regan in the 1970s gritty TV series The Sweeney.  And I also believe he played another detective in a rather dull Oxford-set TV drama some years later.  As their names suggest they could be polar opposites in fact. 


John "We're the Sweeney, etc, etc" Thaw

Channel 4 News Presenter Jon "After the break we'll have..." Snow



  1. I’m not surprised Stoffels. The Sweeney was probably baned in South Africa back in the ’70s for promoting multiculturalism.

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