Giant Prehistoric mouse found in Irish bog

Above: Artist Nicara Dawr’s impression of Lipar Folo:

Palaeontologists in the Irish midlands have unearthed the perfectly preserved remains of a 500 million year old giant mouse. The carcass was preserved in peat, is the size of a standard transit van and weighs a tonne. It is thought to have become extinct during the last Ice Age. Scientists have named the specimen Lipar Folo. The mouse had to be lifted out of the bog with a crane. For years archaeologists were baffled by the large wooden boards with iron spring devices attached have been found. It is now believed that these were constructed by the Neolithic people as mouse traps for the giant rodents.

The Irish Rodent Association who sponsored the project have since denied any links with either the society for animals which may or may not exist, Speculative Fauna (SF) or the group responsible for the study of rabbits and hares, the Irish National Lagomorph Association.

Lipar Folo will be on display at the Natural History Museum in Dublin alongside the fossilised remains of Fianna Fail TDs carefully preserved in stuffed brown envelopes.



  1. Well Chris, most horticulturalists I know are nice, honest, decent people, but the one who drew the picture is even kinder. Hope that answers your question. If you have any further queries just drop me a line.

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