The Genesis of Civilization

Peter Gabriel

Niall Ferguson

I’ve just been watching Civilization, the new Channel 4 series in which eminent historian Niall Ferguson explores how the western powers came to replace China in the middle ages as the dominant world culture. Certainly an interesting topic, even though I don’t agree with many of Ferguson’s views.
I couldn’t help noticing though that he seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the recording artist and former Genesis vocalist Peter Gabriel (or at least what to Gabriel looked like in the mid-1980s).

Or is that just me?



  1. It’s only you. I have a bad case of mistaking strangers for friends and approaching them/ chatting familiarly with them – but even then, I’m not able to see the resemblance other than the shape of that face.

  2. that isn’t just you…….i knew he favoured someone the first time i ever saw him, but i couldn’t ever figure out who…………..if you look *extremely* close, you can catch hints where it becomes impossible that they are the same person, but you really have to look close to see that, and even then it was at one point in time. ive seen gabriel up close several times but i still wouldnt have come up with that on my own.

  3. What are you on about? He hasn’t done a blog on lookalikes since 4th September 2010 – and that was on Ken Barlow and Gerard Depardieu. They could easily pass for identical twins.

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