Neverland: England bowled over by the Green

I’ve only written about cricket once before, back in 2007, which coincidentally was during the last world cup in Jamaica when the Ireland team caused a major upset. 4 years later in Bangalore an even bigger shock has occurred. I’m no fan of the game and have no wish to jump on the bandwagon or become a fair-weather supporter, but I just couldn’t resist blogging about this! I suppose this makes me something of a hypocrite, but hey isn’t the world full of hypocrites.

Ireland isn’t known as one of the great cricketing nations, but I can’t help thinking that a bestselling novel about cricket, Netherland by Irishman Joseph O’Neill (and recommended by a certain B. Obama) played a small part in this famous victory.

Ed Joyce must be kicking himself.

What next? England to beat Ireland at hurling?



  1. That Joseph O’Neill, he wrote a great family memoir called The Blood Dark Track – lots about his two grandfathers – one (Turkish) interned by the British/French in Palestine/Syria, the other (Irish) interned by the Irish in the Curragh. They were a lively bunch. Very good read.

  2. Sounds lke a fascinating book, BWT. He certainly has an eclectic family background. Inspird by that historic cricket win I’ve just borrowed from Neverland from my local library. There was a time a few years back when I used to spend 2 hours on a train every day commuting into the city to work and I’d go through a book a week. Nowadays I’m working out in the sticks and I drive in, so it now takes me several months to read a book!
    So I hope to get round to actually reading Neverland one day!

    Stoffels – we’ll soon see about that!

  3. The last time I played cricket was at school in the Transvaal. The match had to be abandoned as there was a huge greepo on the pitch snarling and baring his fangs and he refused to budge. So I’ve stuck to the rugby ever since.
    Haven’t read that Netherland book, but I’d recommend anything by the great South African writer JM Coetzee.

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