Orangemen surrender on 11th night

A goal of Iniesta-mable value

Not the greatest ever World Cup, but at least there’s a new name on the trophy.   The irony is that the only team who remained unbeaten throughout the tournament were New Zealand.

Those who thought the quality of the games played was well below the expected standards may well think FIFA stands for “Football Is Fucking Awful”.

Any regular readers who have been bored by the amount of World Cup stories in this blog of late can now take consolation from the fact there probably won’t be any more for another 4 years.  Now it’s time to concentrate on something else. 
Apparently there’s some kind of bike race on in France at the moment…
One things for sure is that one group of Orangemen won’t be celebrating on the 12th of July!  (And it isn’t Armagh).

The octopus gets it right again - if you put money on Spain your squid's in



  1. As if, Phil!
    I’d sooner get Fabio Capello to manage a football team or Bernie Madoff to manage my finances than have that charlatan writing for my blog. He still owes me £30 for a joke I wrote for him that he used on his BBC NI show in 1995 – plus a bit extra for the one he blatantly stole from me and used on that crappy children’s Saturday morning UTV show he used to do.
    So, Paddy in the highly unlikely event that you’re reading this – it’s time to cough up. And as speedily as possible please – which shouldn’t be too difficult –as speeding is one thing you’re quite good at.

  2. Ouch!

    If Paddy is reading this website, his ears will be bleeding by now!

    I’ll know not to owe you money in the future!

  3. Yes, that’s true, Jo – sorry I mean Alicia. But the difference is that i don’t get paid to write this blog, whereas Paddy Kielty was getting paid handsomely to tell crap jokes on TV to a hand-picked audience of grovelling zombies – at my expense. But I suppose the speeding fines came to a bit more than £30.

  4. So he’s just a fictional character then? A bit like yourself, Phil – or should I say “CW pretending to be that mythical fictitious creation known as Phil”

  5. Probably bit late to be asking – any idea if the octopus became dinner for anyone since the excitement is over? Or are they using him for League matches now?

  6. Jeena,

    I believe the octopus was purchased for a large sum of money and is now living in happy retirement?

    CW can correct me if I’m wrong.


  7. Something like that Philip. Apparently the Spanish wanted to buy him from the German aquarium where he lived, but the aquarium refused. Quite right too.

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