Never a frown with Gordon Brown

Back in 1981 Pseudo-punk band the Stranglers recorded a song about the future British prime minister.  The classic line from the song (allegedly about heroin) is “never a frown with Gordon Brown”.  That is unless he’s being questioned about immigration policies by pensionersin Rochdale.  He may well have a frown on his face come Thursday when the posh boy is forced to enter into a coalition with the LibDems.



  1. Ciaran, I wouldn’t be so sure about a hung Parliament. For a start, the UK electorate don’t like them (myself included), and have usually tried to avoid coalition government if at all possible. Second, Harold Wilson once said that a week is a long time in politics – so also is three or four days. I intend simply to watch what does happen.


  2. I should have added that I’m not at all ruling out a Tory victory, or a Lib-Dem/Tory coalition, it’s just that at the moment I don’t believe that anyone will know the results until the end of polling on Thursday evening/Friday morning.

  3. As usual Stoffels I congratulate you on dragging this blog down to your own seedy level.

    Phil “I don’t believe that anyone will know the results until the end of polling on Thursday evening/Friday morning.” –

    Dr Who could easily travel forward in his tardis to next week and find out the result in advance. Although now that he’s morphed into some floppy haired indie boy student twat I wouldn’t trust him to post a letter now.

  4. Indeed, Ciaran. What we need is a good, solid, Gordon Brown character to be Dr Who, rather than a more effete Cameron type character.

  5. Ironically Phil, we’ve just had that precisely that with David Tennant, also the son of a Church of Scotland minister – being replaced by the above – a case of life imitating art? The truth is that Nick Clegg should have been the Doctor all along.

  6. Jeena,

    we won’t know until tonight, or the early hours of tomorrow morning. Traditionally people in the UK don’t like coalition government, and I’d be disappointed if one had to be formed. Nick Clegg, for all the media hype, is a very overrated figure, and a political lightweight. During the election campaign the media really sold him to death, which says something about the depth of political thought in this country.

    We’ll see tomorrow what happens!


  7. It’s been the first hung parliament for 35 years, so it’s quite an unusual occurence! It’s about time the electoral system was changed to proportional representation to prevent such uncertainties!

  8. Ciaran,

    I am not convinced that uncertainty would be removed by PR in any sense. The only certainty would be that the Lib Dems would be permanent kingmakers in any future Parliament, forcing the two larger parties with stronger mandates and more definite policies to enter into a series of covert deals with the former. When I vote, I do not so so for a set of backroom deals, but a candidate, a set of policies, and in the hope that the government will be a strong majority one. Clegg and the Lib Dems were definitely the very worst losers on Thursday night, and what we see now is an example of the tail wagging the dog. This delay in forming a government is only a mere taster of what life would be like under PR, and I’m not sure that the UK electorate likes what it sees. Maybe it is a positive development that they are now getting to “sample the goods before they buy” in any future referendum.

    In addition, PR would allow fringe parties such as UKIP and BNP a real chance of picking up seats in Parliament. Do you really want to a group like the latter sitting in Westminster devaluing the real estate?


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