Anoraks, Curved Air & Lazy Blogging

The quality of blogs varies greatly, although it’s safe to say that about 99% are sheer unadulterated crap.  But some of you might find that to be rich coming from me. 

 Blogging takes a variety of forms, but what I really take a dim view of  are those bloggers who just post a link to a clip on Youtube of an amusing incident or a music video without even commenting on it.  They fancy themselves as online DJs, but without the personality.   It doesn’t require any thought or creativity, just copy and paste.  And what also pisses me off are those cheap jokes showing side by side pictures of celebrities who look like each other.  You wouldn’t catch The Dreaming Arm doing that of course.  After a bizarre weekend of Sherlock Holmes (the pub, the film and the ale), inhaling grape-flavoured smoke through a hookah pipe in a Turkish bar, mud on the tracks I need some respite.

In times of economic hardship and cold grey winter days we often look nostalgically to the past for inspiration.  I have a thing about the early ’70s in particular.  So here’s the psychedelic sounds and visions of Curved Air from 1971, featuring the delectable Sonja Kristina on vocals with “Backstreet Luv”. Despite the tacky title it is a fantastic song. It has a hypnotic psychotropic quality about it – the sort of music Sherlock Holmes would have listened to had he been around on those days. Look out for the drummer who bears a passing resemblance to Jimi Hendrix.



  1. Yes, thank you Stoffels. Bringing things down to your own sordid level as usual. The Dreaming Arm will not tolerate this kind of political incorrectness.

    Mind you, she can curve my air any day.

  2. Not even heard of the band nor the song. But it’s a pretty impressive video for the early 70’s and Sonja IS beautiful. Familiarity breeds liking. Mebbe if I’d listened to this song while I was growing up, I’d be raving about it.

  3. It was part of the progressive rock wave of the early late ’60s/early ’70s Jeena. Many similar bands featured bearded men in long robes singing 20-minute songs about wizards and elves with long keyboard solos in the middle. Curved Air were one of the pioneers of the genre, but were eclipsed by more famous bands of the time such as Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Cream and The Moody Blues.

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