Sinn Fein leader’s other brother plays darts while Rome burns

It’s been a turbulent last few weeks in Irish politics.  Most recently we’ve had the Iris-gate affair which must have come as a great relief to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.  Up to that point he had been facing problems of his own concerning paedophile allegations against his brother Liam.  Gerry was facing calls to step down from the Sinn Fein presidency after what he allegedly knew, but allegedly failed to act on.  Liam was facing extradition to the North to face the music over his alleged abuse.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams

Darts player Martin Adams

Meanwhile the other Adams brother Martin was throwing darts over the weekend.  And rather successfully at that. Well I suppose it’s less harm than throwing petrol bombs and incendiary devices.  During a tough time for the Adams family it must have been a pleasant surprise when the third brother Martin won the darts.

Martin is nicknamed Wolfie which I presume is short for Wolfe Tone.

I’m not sure if Martin shares his brother’s talent for having a short memory, but in 20 years time I wonder if he’ll deny that he was ever a darts player.


  1. In over 4 years of blogging I’ve had about 4 posts on lookalikes – ie 1 per year. If you think that’s too many – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – re joke about wrong choice of confectionery.

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