Dreaming Arm’s Worst Irish Films

I’ve been off work struggling with a heavy cold all day. Confined to the house and in between the bouts of hot whiskey and lucozade I’ve been thinking up entries for the list of all-time worst Irish films. I very much doubt that Twenty Major listens to Radio 4, but the posting on his blog which inspired my latest venture is the sort of thing you’d expect to find on the celebrated comedy panel game I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

So here is the Dreaming Arm’s very own list of the worst Irish films of all time:

Schindler’s Lisdoonvarna

Citizen O’Kane

Sean de Florette

Butch Cassidy & the Riverdance Kid

There will be Spuds

A Perfect Stormont
A Time to Kill-dare
Dances with Wolfhounds
Battleship Potemkinsale
The Magnificent Seven Drunken Nights
Lough Neagh and two smoking barrels
Men in Black Rock
Once upon a time in the Westmeath

Munster’s Ball

Finding Nemo Rangers

Sammy Wilson’s War

Silence of the Lambeg Drums

The Witches of EastWicklow

Ferm-Anna and her Sisters

Donnie-gal Brasco

Shan-Kill Bill

Sperrin Brokovitch

Moby Dick Spring

King Solomon’s Rathmines


A Day at the Galway Races

Crocodile Donagahadee

Then there’s one about the West Belfast super-hero:

Worst Irish TV Shows:Darling Buds of Mayo


Monarch of Crossmaglen

Curragh-nation Street

The GA-A-Team

Further contributions from readers would be most welcome!



  1. And here’s a few more:

    A Streetcar Named Maguire
    Jason Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four Green Fields
    The Last King of Scotstown
    Lord of the Claddagh Rings
    Taoiseach with Mussolini
    TJ Galway Hooker
    Rumpole of the Bailey’s
    The Devil Wears Claddagh
    Bad Setanta
    The McGlinchey Code
    When Harry Met Sally Maclennane
    Home (Molly) Malone

  2. Yeah. It’s a dreadful caper with Brendan Gleeson trying out an English accent as his own twin.


    Hard to know whether it’s supposed to be dark or comic, but it’s truly teeth grindingly bad. Unlike ‘I Went Down’ which it brilliant.

    Oh and I found ‘Once’ to be as wet as a newly caught kipper.

    I appear to be off on my own little digression about actual Irish films. Sorry about that.

  3. “Hard to know whether it’s supposed to be dark or comic”

    Sounds uncannily like the other recent film he was in, “In Bruges”:


    He was good in John Boorman’s “The General” though – even though it glamourised the Dublin gangster fraternity as something noble and worthy – certainly better then Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of the same character in “Ordinary Decent Criminal”. To be fair though Spacey’s accent wasn’t bad.

    Which leads me neatly on to a new train of thought – any suggestions for worst Irish accent in a film?

    My nomination goes to Sean Connery in “The Untouchables”.

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