BBC Sachs Jonathan Ross and Re-brands

If only the first part of the above statement were true.  Not entirely accurate, but it goes well with the crap pun.  To be blunt about it I can’t stand the bastard. He’s little more than an overpaid egomaniac.  As well as being (along with his mate Brand) one of the most obnoxious, arrogant, smug, irritating tossers on TV.

I was in Romania when the scandal broke.  I had no idea it would still be in the news by the time I got back to Blighty. And in fact I’m getting rather bored with the whole thing.  The latest news at the time of writing is that the BBC bosses are being hauled over the coals by a parliamentary select committee of MPs and getting a right bollocking for their trouble.  It’s vey simple really – sack Brand and Ross, slap them with a heavy fine and take out an injuction banning them from ever appearing on TV or radio again – and then move on and forget about it.

Predictably enough the apologists for Brand and Ross cite cutting edge comedy or pushing back the boundaries.  Any immature obnoxious schoolboy could phone up and elderly pensioner who masquerades as a Catalan waiter in a Torquay hotel and leave a message on his answerphone claiming to have fucked his grand-daughter. There’s nothing cutting edge about that.

I don’t find either Brand or Ross remotely funny.  Or remotely likeable for that matter.  But neither am I one of those Daily Mail reading types who enjoys being offended and gets their kicks by writing serial letters of complaint.  I’m very glad Brand and Ross pulled off this pathetic stunt though – as it shows them up for what they are – and gets them off our TV screens and off the airwaves.  Hopefully for good.


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