“Water they like?” OR “How l’eau can you g’eau?”

During my lunch break a few days I was quenching my thirst with water from a Volvic bottle.  It was actually tap water with which I had filled the used plastic bottle with after the real Volvic (filtered through layers of volcanic rock apparently) had run out.  I didn’t have the luxury of a newspaper or any other reading material to hand, so to keep my mind occupied I read the label on the bottle to get a look at the mineral composition of its original contents.  Nothing particularly spectacular or amazing – 13.5 mg/litre of chlorides, 11.5 of calcium, 6.3 of nitrates etc – but further down I noticed the following:

“Bottle intended exclusively for the use of Volvic Natural Mineral Water, do not refill”

And all this time I had refilled the bottle several times over a period of many months totally ignorant of Volvic’s non-refill policy.  Eau Neau!  On the very same bottle Volvic were patting themselves on the back by proudly and loudly announcing that for every 1litre purchased they would donate 10 litres of drinking water through their well-creation programmes in Ghana, Malawi and Zambia.  So this is a company which claims to care so much about the thirsty children of Africa’s parched interior, yet they don’t want you to re-use their bottles.  Very environmentally friendly and conscientious indeed when you consider the grossly unnecessary waste caused by thrown-away plastic.  I have ignored this ridiculous policy of course and intend to go on doing so by refilling my bottle as many times as I like.

So in the highly unlikely event that anyone from Volvic in Puy de Dôme is reading this – my question to you is – “what are you going to do about it?“ or  “qu’est-ce vous allez faire?”



  1. That’s absolutely ridiculous!
    Are they watching every Volvic buyer in order to make sure they don’t re-use their precious bottles?
    What if they catch you while refilling your bottle? Are they going to sue you? Do they really have all those money and time to waste?
    Or, more likely, they simply don’t want to lose their market share when you prefer to drink tap water rather than their healthy and pure liquid?

  2. Spot on Antonio! Maybe the have hidden cameras in their bottles to film anyone refilling them! Someone should start a protest campaign to organise a mass public refilling session so Volvic can pump their precious water up where the sun don’t shine.

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