Budapest Winter

Left: The Chain Bridge over the Danube by night

Below: A view from the hill of Buda overlooking Pest across the Danube. The dome in the background is the Cathedral of St Stephen’s Basilica

I visited the Hungarian capital shortly before Christmas with two friends.  As the photographic evidence attests.

Below: The view just to the left of the above picture.  The dome to the left of the picture is the Parliament building



  1. It was snowing when we got there, Antonio and very cold for most of the weekend, but a dip in the thermal baths did the world of good!

  2. I note that you also share my instinct to go up the highest bloody thing I can find whenever I’m ‘touristing’. Did you get any further planning your Balkan trip CW? I’m all booked for Moscow and St Petersburg in the summer. Hopefully with another stop in between.

  3. Chekov, no concrete plans as yet, but quite a few ideas floating around. I’m basing the itinerary around the availability of Easyjet flights from London airports. So one option is to fly into Bari on the east coast of Italy, then cross the Adriatic by ferry to Bar, Montenegro – or alternatively go to Brindisi and cross over into Vlore, Albania – or fly to Corfu and take the short crossing to the Albanian resort of Saranda – or fly to Thessaloniki, Greece and take the train to Skopje, Macedonia – sorry Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia that should read!

    Moscow and St Petersburg should be interesting. Have you been to Russia before?

  4. I’ve been to the south of the country (Volgograd) for a day and a half during a trip spent mostly in Ukraine. This will be my first substantial trip to Russia itself.

  5. My experience of the former Soviet bloc is confined to Lithuania and Latvia. Vilnius and Riga both worth a visit. Hope to do Kaliningrad one day.

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